Having a Website That is All Dressed Up is the First Step of Attraction Marketing

Lombard, IL (PRWEB) March 29, 2012

According to Dan Gartlan, president of Stevens & Tate, Attraction Marketing is the process of making a company, its products, services and culture more attractive to prospects by driving specific marketing initiatives with people and resources already in place. All Dressed Up is the first and simplest strategy that should be taken to attract new business.

With the majority of prospects researching companies or products via the Internet, maintaining website content relevant for prospects is essential to making a strong first impression, he explained. All Dressed Up deals with specific ways to create the right impression and experiences for the ever changing Web 2.0 environment.

The new economy is our new reality. Businesses have come to grips with the fact that change has happened and we are most likely not going back to the way things were before the downturn any time soon, Gartlan continued. If we accept that things have changed, why are so many companies still messaging the same on their websites as they did three or more years ago? It would be like going for a job interview in clothes that were stylish in 2006.

Prospects and customers have different concerns and needs today than they did even a few years back and a companys website needs to connect with those concerns so that it catches their eye and engages them. The goal is to get prospects to take the next stepthat may be to send an email, fill out a contact us request, call for an appointment, opt into an email list to receive more information, or place an order.

That is often true unless you are an e-commerce business. For most of us getting the piece of business is not the websites purpose. Its a step in the overall sales process.

What your website should do is build confidence in your companys abilities, said Gartlan. You need to get readers connecting with your competitive advantages as being important to themget their heads nodding. A website that is All Dressed Up doesnt stop someone that has heard of you from calling, it reinforces why they want to call you. It should set the groundwork for a sales experience that is better for both you and the prospect.

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