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Cormant, Inc. Wins New DCIM Client, Delivering Quick Migration From Global Banks Existing Solution

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Cormant Inc., a software development company specializing in data center and IT infrastructure management solutions (DCIM), today announced that a recent global banking client acquisition yielded a quick and cost effective migration from a competitors solution to the Cormant DCIM solution. The fear of change due to lengthy, high cost data migration has now been eliminated.

“Using the Cormant DCIM solution’s powerful import capabilities and working with the banks staff, we were able to import the clients existing infrastructure and connectivity data quickly from their previous Aperture

HarePoint Import and Upload: New Data Migration Solution for Microsoft SharePoint

(PRWEB) June 07, 2012

The process of data migration is vital to virtually any organization. This problem arises, for example, when a company upgrades or expands IT infrastructure (both hardware and software). A company that use Microsoft SharePoint platform is no exception. Perhaps the most telling example in when company’s infrastructure is migrated to a new SharePoint edition (for example, from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010). The peculiarity of this migration is that the new version is usually deployed in a test environment, whereas standard business processes continue in the production environment. When tests of the new edition are successfully completed, one needs to quickly migrate a lot of data to ensure normal operation in the new SharePoint edition.

HarePoint Import and Upload for SharePoint allows you to realize data migration process (upload/download; import/export) between different SharePoint sites or between SharePoint document libraries and local file system. The product supports import/export for documents, files and list items. An important feature of the product is support of the Office 365, i.e. the ability to import/export data to/from the cloud.

“There are solutions for data migration in SharePoint framework in the market. The problem is that most of them are expensive and complicated in deployment products. Our idea was to create a convenient tool to solve specific problems in the area of data migration”, says Alex Shlibanov, chief software architect in HarePoint.

The key features of HarePoint Import and Upload: support Office 365 (transfer data to/from SharePoint Online); the ability to automate data migration process with additional command-line interface; detailed logs of the data migration process; effective licensing with included technical support and updates.

Full information about HarePoint Import and Upload and 30-day free trial are available at the product home page: HarePoint.com

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Largest County in the United States Partners with Northridge for SharePoint Migration

(PRWEB) June 21, 2012

Northridge is proud to announce its selection and active partnership with the largest county in the contiguous United States to migrate an existing Microsoft SharePoint intranet environment to the SharePoint 2010 platform.

After issuing a request for proposal (RFP) to contract with a single vendor, the county received and reviewed numerous proposals. Upon evaluation, Northridge was awarded the SharePoint migration consulting and implementation contract. The client selected Northridge based on several factors, including Northridges extensive experience with on-premise SharePoint migrations, and Northridges strategic approach toward SharePoint planning, governance, and training.

The county faced several challenges with its current SharePoint intranet. Lacking a solid governance plan, the county struggled with effective control of the SharePoint platforms power and flexibility, resulting in runaway SharePoint sprawl across the organization and frustration among end-users. Furthermore, the existing intranet site structures did not promote ease of governance and made content management difficult. The county recognized the advanced features and functionality of the SharePoint 2010 platform, and knew that an upgrade and migration would provide significant benefits that could only be realized through a well-planned design, and an appropriate configuration and architecture that could be easily maintained.

Northridge has developed and refined a robust, flexible, and repeatable approach for Microsoft SharePoint platform migrations and implementations. Based on the Northridge True North Methodology, the Navigate approach to SharePoint deployments provides a strategy and roadmap aligned with a clients business goals and objectives. The strategic approach incorporates the discovery and assessment of current tools, the determination of ideal migration mechanisms, the development of a migration plan, the completion of a test migration, and the documentation of the migration processes. The approach specifically ensures effective knowledge transfer, and the enablement of the countys project team to participate in and self-support the process moving forward.

To prepare for the migration and upgrade to the SharePoint 2010 platform, Northridge has engaged collaboratively with county project stakeholders to review and document the existing SharePoint environment, including the required changes needed for a successful migration. A SharePoint 2010 trial migration was completed, as well as a migration readiness assessment to describe the results of the SharePoint assessment and trial migration, which included findings from the migration analysis and important considerations for a successful upgrade to SharePoint 2010.

By adhering to the Northridge migration approach, the county benefits from a customized migration tailored to the current environment and future needs. Other critical business benefits include zero downtime for the existing intranet portal, iterative migration cycles facilitating multiple test migrations, and controlled deployment of customizations. All Northridge migration activities leveraged the SharePoint 2010 API and PowerShell exclusively, moving content to the new platform without the use of any external products.

The SharePoint 2010 migration and implementation project establishes a solid foundation and manageable solution for the county. At the conclusion of this engagement and expected launch in the summer of 2012, the county will have a fully configured implementation of its SharePoint 2010 intranet with a solid foundation for governance and future growth. Employees can collaborate within team sites and project sites, search for people, share expertise and knowledge located within the portal; use document management and document versioning to maintain files and reduce duplicative content; seamlessly manage dashboard content, and retain a single point of access and interface to line of business applications. With a properly designed, configured, and managed portal solution, the county will be able to drive business value and focus on serving its residents.

About Northridge

Northridge is a nationally-recognized leader in delivering collaboration solutions to mid-market and enterprise clients throughout North America. By combining vast expertise in the areas of business consulting, user experience, and collaboration technology, Northridge delivers comprehensive collaboration solutions for the Enterprise and Internet that are both highly functional and beautifully creative.

With a focus on delivering a measurable return on investment for each client, Northridge offers a rich portfolio of services including collaboration strategy, portal migration and implementation, dashboards and analytics, user experience and branding, collaborative websites, and custom collaboration solutions.For more information, please visit http://www.northridge.com or call (855) 587-9900.