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Siemens Chooses Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Accounts Payable Automation in Global Shared Services

Ashburn, VA (PRWEB) October 18, 2012

Perceptive Software, creator of process and content management products and solutions, announced today that Siemens, a Fortune 50 company, has selected Perceptive Intelligent Capture, powered by Brainware for the automation of accounts payable operations within the companys European Shared Services Center in Germany. .

The customer will implement Perceptives intelligent data capture platform for the processing of more than 1.5 million invoices annually, with the possibility of expanding these capabilities to other document-driven routines throughout the organization.

Siemens operates in most of the worlds countries, and therefore requires a highly scalable solution that accommodates numerous languages and compliance standards while eliminating manual data entry, said Carl E. Mergele, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Perceptive Capture (formerly Brainware). This contract represents another clear example of Captures value proposition as an enabler of world-class efficiency and process transparency within the framework of global shared services.

Siemens AG is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the fields of industry, energy and healthcare as well as providing infrastructure solutions, primarily for cities and metropolitan areas. The company is the world’s largest provider of environmental technologies. In fiscal year 2011, revenue from continuing operations totaled 73.5 billion and income from continuing operations 7.0 billion. As of September 2011, Siemens had around 360,000 employees worldwide on the basis of continuing operations. Further information is available on the Internet at http://www.siemens.com.

About Perceptive Software (http://www.perceptivesoftware.com)

Perceptive Software, a Lexmark company (NYSE: LXK), builds enterprise content management and business process management software to help organizations fuel greater operational efficiency. Organizations around the world rely on Perceptive Software ECM and BPM solutions to optimize business processes and give users the most relevant information to make the most effective decisions at any point in the process, wherever they are.

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Netsmart and PSCH Launch Unique Partnership to Furnish Clinical and Financial Shared Services to Behavioral Health Providers

Great River, NY (PRWEB) September 04, 2012

To help community-based behavioral healthcare providers meet an increased demand for services in a time of tight budgets and reduced resources, Netsmart Technologies and PSCH (Promoting Specialized Health and Care) today announced a unique partnership to provide community-based providers with clinical and business-related shared services.

The shared services solution, to be offered through PSCH subsidiary Partners for Organizational Excellence (POE), will initially be launched to community-based providers in the state of New York and include a certified electronic health record (EHR) and outsourced revenue cycle management capabilities.

First of Its Kind Partnership

Netsmart, the leading provider of clinical solutions for health and human services organizations nationwide, will provide the technology platform for the shared services. Netsmart has a strong presence in the state of New York, including a number of clients and a major office in Great River, N.Y. PSCH, a Netsmart client, is a comprehensive, not-for-profit human service agency serving people with developmental, psychological and behavioral disabilities in and around New York City.

“Put simply, this shared services offering will directly help providers meet the continued challenge of trying to do more with less, said Michael Valentine, chief executive officer, Netsmart. In order to meet the goals of improving outcomes and reducing costs while seeing more clients and expanding the scope of services, providers must seek ways to become more efficient without sacrificing the quality of care they offer to consumers. Through collaboration and strategic partnerships, Netsmart, PSCH and POE can collectively combine our strengths to develop an entirely new level of solutions and services that will vastly impact the face of behavioral healthcare nationwide.”

POE takes the progress that PSCH has made, including technology implementation and benchmarking, and offers it to the broader healthcare community, said Alan Weinstock, president and chief executive officer, PSCH. The opportunities and potential for improved care presented by this partnership with Netsmart will assist in meeting the mandates of the Affordable Care Act while enhancing the role of behavioral health in overall health care reform. In the area of revenue cycle management, the partnership will redesign, rethink, innovate and collaborate to develop and co-market solutions and services that enhance operations of cash and resource-challenged community-based health and human services providers. Future plans include development of solutions related to health homes, application hosting services and additional forms of revenue cycle management to be made available to providers in the region.

As Netsmart solutions and services are implemented at PSCH and benchmarks are realized, those solutions, as well as new ones developed through the partnership with POE, will be marketed through POEs consulting services. POE helps companies and organizations measurably improve efficiency and effectiveness through a broad range of management consulting and technology solutions.

PSCH Implements Additional Netsmart Solutions

In addition to the shared services partnership via POE, Netsmart will also provide PSCH with additional innovative solutions to help manage their business operations and systems more effectively and focus their resources on providing consumers with the highest level of care. These solutions, tailored specifically for health and human services providers, include:

Plexus Cloud- PSCH will recognize unique reductions in costs and capital expenditures over a multi-year period, while enjoying unsurpassed security, scalability and reliability through Plexus Cloud, Netsmarts software deployment and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution. PSCH’s organizational data and applications will be hosted in Netsmarts highly-secure, state-of-the-art data center and can be accessed by authorized users anywhere with Internet access. Plexus Clouds security and redundancy will wrap around the entire PSCH environment, providing a scalable, highly available solution to meet their needs today and in the future. In addition to hosting PSCHs data from myAvatar, Netsmarts complete ARRA-certified EHR solution, Plexus Cloud will host PSCHs entire infrastructure, including Exchange e-mail, Great Plains financials, Hyland Software document management, Microsoft SharePoint

NAPW Los Angeles Local Chapter Hosted Marketing Expert Ruth Klein who Shared De-stressing and Life/Balance Tips at August Breakfast Networking Event

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

Members and guests of the Los Angeles Local Chapter came together for a networking breakfast meeting at Factors Deli. Extra tables and chairs had to be requested to accommodate all who attended the August 15th event. Attendees were treated to an informative presentation by Ruth Klein, Author/Speaker/CEO of The Marketing Time Source, who kept their attention with tips and advice on finding that elusive but important balance between work and family.

NAPW Los Angeles Local Chapter President Ruth Garcia-Corrales welcomed the members and guests to the breakfast, remarking along with other members, on the wonderful mix of women who were present. From the colorful outfits they wore, to their eclectic nationalities, to their varied professions, there was a wonderful feeling of unity in the room.

If we could see it, Im sure there really was a rainbow aura glittering above us in that room. It was member Daisy Marks who used that word to describe the unity we were, said Chapter President Ruth Garcia-Corrales.

One by one, members and guests briefly introduced themselves, sharing the passion and commitment they have for their professions with all. After introductions were made, Ruth Klein got up to speak and immediately captured the attention of the Los Angeles Local Chapter members and guests.

Capped by Ruth Kleins riveting talk, we were, by each other and by Ruth, spiritually and practically touched, moved, inspired, maybe even shifted, and definitely empowered!, said the Chapter President.

A Branding Strategist and Productivity Coach, Ruth received her Master in Spiritual Psychology from Santa Monica University. Ruth assists entrepreneurs by bringing their gifts to the world through branding, marketing, and publicity, helping them to make the money they deserve. Ruth mentioned her upcoming seminar titled, Charging What Youre Worth and Getting It!

Ruth began her presentation by talking about stress, something most women in the audience were able to identify with. Stress is also the subject of two of her six published books.

Number one and two on the list of what affects women the most are inextricably combined: stress, theres too much of it, and time, there isnt enough of it, said Ruth, who noted that both negatively affect womens health. In fact, she said, women suffer 80% more heart attacks than men.

The presentation was informative and interactive and NAPW Lost Angeles Chapter members and guests had the opportunity to talk about the stresses and challenges in their own lives. Problems such as communicating with others, the challenge of dealing with children and their busy schedules, rebellious teens, and financial issues were all touted as top stress inducers. Ruth then pointed out how women are often reluctant to ask for help.

Even lawyers, even doctors, even I, who used to think I could do everything myself and know everything, now, realizing that very issue, I always asks for help. Assistance is always one request away, she told the crowd.

Ruth then spoke about sabotage and the many ways people play the saboteur by procrastinating, taking on more than they can do.

We get stuck and overwhelmed from all that. We dont ask for help; the list goes on and on, she said.

Members shared some of their thoughts on managing stress. Daisy Marks talked about how the new hi-tech world is the new stressor and Lisa-Catherine Cohen quoted Dr. Phi who said, You cant give what you dont have.

To help deal with all of lifes stresses Ruth suggested to the audience that they use percentages to help them de-stress: 30% me-time, 50% family, and the rest is spent on work. Those percentages, of course need to be flexible.

It is a balancing act, but if we can do it carefully, stress is reduced and everyone is happier, healthier, and easier going, said Ruth. Notice who youre hanging out with, and rather than the blamers and shamers, the poor-me victim-thinkers, the angry grudge-holders, choose instead to hang with positive, successful people! Like the members of NAPW! said Ruth.

To wrap up, Ruth invited everyone to join her for a picnic at the second-last summer concert on Santa Monica Pier August 30that 6pm. Bring chairs, pillows, blankets, food , and drink (plastic only, no glass containers allowed and no alcohol). Park at her place at 101 Ocean Avenue and then walk to the pier, early enough to stake out a good spot. Email Ruth to learn time and directions at: mailto:rklein(at)ruthklein(dot)com or call her at 310.714.1583 and check out her Website at http://www.ruthklein.com/

The following members attended the August 15th breakfast networking meeting;

O. Randolph- Notary Public and a Certified Loan Signer, O has been helping people, especially women, as a manager in Beverly Hills for the last 15 years.

Margaret Weber-Dean in the Psychology Department at Pepperdine,she is involved in research about women facing the pressures of societal issues, a study in higher education. She is currently at work developing a website for this study. She is looking for an animator to target children in her research.

Alana Roshay-Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) at Infinity Real Estate group in Hollywood. At the bottom of her business card is this: Solving the foreclosure crisis one homeowner at a time.

Michelle Romo-Certified Distressed Property Expert and sole Owner of EXCELLENCE