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Amazon Green Monday Deals 2012 & Kindle Fire Green Monday Sales 2012 ; Special Offer for Kindle Fire HD 8.9 at Mingya

(PRWEB) December 16, 2012

For special offers for Kindle Fire HD 8.9, Kindle Fire HD 7.0, TV, electronics, Nikon Camera, Canon Camera, Xbox 360, Xbox 720, video games and books, visit

>> Amazon Green Monday 2012 Deals

With the Holiday season in full swing, Amazon.com has announced that they will be offering special promotions on a number of their products on Monday, December 10, 2012, also known as Green Monday.

Similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Green Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. In fact, on Green Monday in 2011, internet sales reached a total of $ 1.13 billion in the United States and are expected to exceed that in 2012. This day takes place on the second Monday in December, or the Monday in December with at least ten days before Christmas, in order to provide adequate shipping time beforehand.

Amazon reported that its tablet series was the most gifted item for 2012. While sales information has not been released, this tablet has been in demand for consumers that are purchasing electronic based gifts for the holidays.

The price point for the HD edition starts at $ 199. This price is expected by some analysts to dip back down to $ 159 for last minute Christmas shoppers making the push to own this Kindle. The high resolution display is one of the first of its kind in both 7-inch and 8.9-inch versions.

One of the features that has drawn many new buyers into owning the tablet series by Kindle is the addition of faster Wi-Fi. While some competitors offer basic connections, the new speed has increased by 40 percent in the HD series by Amazon. Combined with a Prime subscription, users now have the ability to download much faster and access streaming content using the increased Wi-Fi connection speed.

Special offers for Kindle Fire HD 8.9, Kindle Fire HD 7.0, TV, electronics, Nikon Camera, Canon Camera, Xbox 360, Xbox 720, video games and books, visit

>> Amazon Green Monday 2012 Deals

iPad Black Friday 2012 & Get Special Offer Black Friday iPad Deals

(PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Apple has so much in store for fans this coming iPad Black Friday 2012 deals.

Check out price for iPad Black Friday 2012 Here!


Its stunning new iPad is now on sale but will also be available in reduced prices along with its genuine accessories as their offering for iPad Black Friday 2012 deals.

The iPad has been through a lot of transformations with the iPad 2 as the most recent model. Apple advertises the iPad as resolutionary a term which means better, brighter and totally breathtaking video. The iPad 2 offers stunning retina display which makes images crisper, more true-to life and texts are amazingly sharp; all of these are possible through iPads 3.1 million pixels that make it the best display ever known anywhere. The iPad also has 5MP camera, faster connectivity, wireless capabilities, iOS 6 updates and so many features that make mobile computing a breeze.

iPad reduced pricing this iPad Black Friday 2012

Reduced prices will definitely be the best deal for iPad this shopping holiday season. Prices will definitely be cheaper with online stores even offering gift certificates when shoppers purchase an iPad this Black Friday. Only a few retail stores have mentioned their iPad Black Friday 2012 deals but most guarantee price drops that will surely make shoppers holidays even better!

Great discounts for iPad accessories this Black Friday 2012

iPad has so many accessories and shoppers can get them for the most bargain prices this year. How about a Smart Cover, a thin yet durable cover that magnetically fits iPad for the best fit. It can lull iPad to sleep and wake it up plus it doubles as a stand for displaying, reading and watching videos. Other genuine accessories for sale are iPad Smart Cases, camera connection kits, digital television adapters, docking stations, wireless keyboards, USB and VGA adapters, ear pieces, earphone, headphones, travel chargers and adapters and composite cables.

So what are shoppers waiting for? New iPad could just be weeks away so visit favorite tech store for the latest details about the iPad and iPad accessories. For the best prices and bargain for iPad Black Friday deals subscribe to your favorite online stores newsletters and email services for the latest news for the coming holiday shopping season.

About the iPad

The iPad Wi-Fi model was first introduced by Apple in 2010 and the latest in the iPad family it is the iPad 2 released last September 19, 2012. The latest model offers better display, faster computing and internet connectivity and more features that shoppers can ever imagine in a mobile computing device.

About iPad Black Friday 2012

iPad Black Friday 2012 will be on November 23, 2012 and with so many impressive gadgets and mobile devices this year, Black Friday 2012 promises to be the most spectacular with bargains from companies like Apple, Samsung, HP and so many more.

Check out more information about iPad Black Friday 2012 Deals :


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Bayrock, a Cape San Blas Vacation Rental, Announces a November Special Now on Bobzio.com, a Free Website for Vacation Rental Owners, Home Swaps, Local Businesses & Travelers

Panama City Florida (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Bayrock a Cape San Blas Vacation Rental announces November Special. The offer is posted in the special offers section of bobzio.com. Contact the owner by visiting the listing on http://www.bobzio.com.

Bobzio.com, being a co-op, is owned by the members. The ownership role will be determined when the first 20,000 have joined. There will not be a better time to get in on an opportunity like this that could save up to $ 1,000 each year in subscription costs. The website also offers training on techniques to increase internet marketing exposure for individual listings and tips to get photos and videos to show up in some of the major internet search engines. Jump on board. The sooner the better. To see an example of a free listing visit http://www.bobzio.com/view_property_details.php?title=Cape-San-Blas-Vacation-Rental-Bayrock-2-on-http://www.Bobzio.com–6080-Cape-San-Blas-Rd,-Port-St-Joe,-Florida-&pro_id=25.

Bobzio.com has created several strategic partnerships to assist with marketing and management of Vacation Rentals. Paypros.com, provides credit card and e-check processing. Call Jared to set up an account 800-774-6462 ex 6615.

DirectPlacement.co for help with Search Engine Placement (SEP). Visit DirectPlacement.co and ask about search engine placement (SEP) for the bobzio.com vacation property listing or home exchange. Adam, the owner, is very knowledgeable about SEP and personable in his approach. There are no long term commitments or contracts to try DirectPlacement.co services.

The second strategic partnership is with Alan Lane, owner of DepositGuard.com. DepositGuard.com makes it possible for the individual owner to accept credit card payments and bank transfer checks. The fees are minimal and paid by the renter. The renter gains the security of an escrow agent safeguarding their rental deposits. A second option is using Dwolla.com. They offer accounts that do electronic payments using the internet and Cell Phones. There service costs 25 cents a transaction. Both DepositGuard.com and Dwolla.com will be common names in the future but now they are getting started just like Bobzio.com.

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing how easy it is to start a listing: http://youtu.be/qOwKNH0c7Gg

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