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V&R Energy Supplies Voltage Stability Analysis Software to Western Interconnection Synchrophasor Program

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 11, 2012

V&R Energy is supplying its Region of Stability Existence (ROSE) application to the Western Electricity Coordinating Councils (WECC) Western Interconnection Synchrophasor Program (WISP). ROSE, a voltage stability analysis software, uses Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) data to track the power systems current operating state, analyze power system conditions and will alert operators of changes that could lead to voltage instability.

V&R Energy is a leading provider of the advanced power systems engineering solutions designed to improve the stability and reliability of the electrical transmission and distribution networks. Founded in 1992, V&R Energy offers a wide spectrum of advanced consulting services, sophisticated scientific research, and comprehensive electrical power systems software applications for a comprehensive power system analysis, both off-line and in real time.

WISP participants are installing more than 300 new or upgraded PMUs to identify and analyze system vulnerabilities in real time, as well as to detect evolving disturbances on the Western Bulk Electric System. Scheduled for completion on March 31, 2013, this early warning mechanism will enable WECC and WISPs partner entities to take timely actions to help avoid widespread system blackouts.

As the Smart Grid becomes a reality, V&R Energy offers the cutting-edge tools and unique solutions to help improve the wide-area situational awareness, and real-time, steady-state stability analysis and control using PMUs, said Marianna Vaiman, Executive Vice President at V&R Energy.

ROSE continuously monitors power system conditions by incorporating high-rate PMU data into the calculation of stability margin and visualization, and alerts the operator of the changes in the power system conditions (e.g., whether the system is moving closer to the boundary). This allows the operator to take timely remedial actions to prevent the system instability.

ROSE also defines the range of phasor measurements or other system parameters under which the system can operate securely. In addition to voltage stability, voltage and thermal constraints may be simultaneously monitored, enforced and visualized on the ROSE boundary.

ROSE also is being implemented by ISO New Englands Synchrophasor Infrastructure and Data Utilization (SIDU) Project.

About V&R Energy

V&R Energy is a technology and consulting company headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. V&R Energy is the vendor for POM Suite and ROSE applications. It also has extensive expertise in performing various consulting projects on behalf of the electric power utilities, ISOs and other electric utility industry organizations worldwide. V&R also has long-standing relationships with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), NRECA Cooperative Research Network (CRN), Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation (CEATI), and New York State Research and Research Development Agency (NYSERDA).

V&R Energys areas of expertise include:

office* 2012 Exhibitor Show Highlights: office supplies, business services & training providers

London, UK (PRWEB) August 24, 2012

office*, the UKs only dedicated event for PAs, office managers and executive support professionals, will return for its third edition next month with 175 exhibitors including many of the UKs biggest business-to-business suppliers.

Taking place on 12-13 September, at its new venue the National Hall, Olympia, London, office* 2012 provides the best opportunity of the year for office professionals to meet innovative new business suppliers face to face, benefit from special show only deals on 100s of essential business purchases, enjoy live product demonstrations and research the best new products and services for their company and colleagues. The following is just a taste of what show press and visiting buyers can expect to see at this years office*.

Critical Power Supplies and Racktivity Announce Strategic Partnership

Thame (PRWEB UK) 22 May 2012

In a newly formed partnership, Critical Power Supplies and Racktivity will deliver energy and environment management solutions to data centres (DCs) and telecommunications providers across the United Kingdom.

Over the past two decades, data centre power use has risen from an average of 1kW per rack to as much as 20-30kW/rack in high-end environments. The need for energy and environment management in these domains is as much about saving capital and operating expenditure and optimising uptime as it is about addressing green initiatives through using less energy.

Racktivity is an innovator of next-generation energy management software, smart power distribution and environmental sensor technology and Critical Power Supplies is a specialist, multi-vendor reseller of critical power and energy management solutions.

Data centre efficiency is not something our customers pay lip service to, explains Jason Koffler, managing director of Critical Power Supplies, its a serious element of managing any DC business these days and particularly for telecom operators as they are in a heavily regulated industry. Racktivitys products are leading-edge and bring about real, tangible results for customers in helping reduce and optimise energy use, maintain a centre-wide environment and demonstrate to their customers and applicable authorities that they are doing so.

Critical Power Supplies will offer the complete Racktivity portfolio, which includes Racktivity’s Data Center Performance Management system (DCPM); the only distributed software solution to manage hundreds and thousands of multi-vendor PDUs as a single system. Racktivitys EnergySwitch series of next-generation Power Distribution Units, featuring an operating system that delivers the highest degree of granular real-time power quality metrics. The range is complemented by the Racktivity EnergySensor providing a set of monitoring features including temperature, humidity and motion sensing alongside leak detection under raised floors and dry contact for rack door intrusion. The range also includes Racktivitys newest product: the DC2Sensor, monitoring dc Power. The blend of ac and dc monitoring in one system is particularly attractive to telecom operators and broadband service providers managing a mix of centralised data centres and a multitude of remote infrastructures such as PoPs, base stations, optical nodes, amplifiers and so on.

Hans Witdouck, CEO for Racktivity: We will be working closely alongside Critical Power Supplies to bring the benefits of our technology to its existing and prospective clients through technical assistance, education and by raising awareness of the benefits Racktivity brings for customers across the United Kingdom.


About Critical Power Supplies:

Established in 2009 by UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and energy industry specialist Jason Koffler, Critical Power Supplies is a provider and value-added reseller of power continuity products, critical power solutions, standby power and power protection systems. The company specialises in providing products for mission critical applications such as data centres, banks, broadcast companies, healthcare customers, industry, marine and military installations, telcom operators and other vertical sectors. It also provides energy management and specialist cooling products, services and consultancy. Its primary customer base is the UK (plus Northern Ireland) and it supplies products and services to customers in Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

Critical Power Supplies product range includes UPS (from entry-level 300VA to 6MVA), fuel cells, generators, servers and data centre equipment including rack systems, Power Distribution Units, Source Transfer Switches, Smart Meters, consumables and spares, UPS accessories, power solutions and power conditioners.

Critical Power Supplies also provides a range of services including: site surveys, UPS and generator hire or rental, remote monitoring and response services, battery testing and replacement, design and project management, installation and commissioning, maintenance and warranty services and the removal and licensed disposal of old equipment (including UPS batteries). The companys extensive service network provides 24/7 support for customers running critical equipment.

About Racktivity

Located in Lochristi, Belgium, Racktivity is an innovator of next-generation energy and environment management solutions for data centers. It offers the industry’s only integrated hardware and software solution: the Datacenter Performance Management System (DCPM) delivering, measuring and managing power across an enterprises total data centre network whether a single location of distributed. The system gives customers full visibility and control of their energy consumption in these data centres while integrating seamlessly with other applications and PDU appliances.

Click here for more information on Racktivity Products

As part of the Data Center Performance Management system, Racktivity’s EnergySwitch family of smart Power Distribution Units (PDUs) equips data centers with the most advanced metering, switching and predictive analysis available on the market today. Racktivity was founded in 2009 in Ghent, Belgium, by Wilbert Ingels, an experienced executive in data center technologies, and Kristof De Spiegeleer, serial entrepreneur and visionary.